La Beunaz Beach

The lake of La Beunaz and its well equipped beach ⛱ offers you a relaxing and refreshing setting, favorable to relaxation ... so much that you will not want to leave at the end of the day!

Open weekends in June (depending on weather conditions 🌧⚡️) and every day in July-August 10am to 6pm
Unlimited for the day


Price per day

Entrance to the beach and swimming: 4,00 €. (Payment directly on the spot)
(Free for children up to 5 years old)


Pass'Beun (+ of 135cm high) : 19,00 €
Pass P'tit Beun (- of 135cm high) : 16,00 €


1 hour session (from 6 years old): 10,00 €.
"Plouf" package (Pass'Beun + 1 Wibit session): 25,00 €.
"P'tit Plouf" package (Pass P'tit Beun + 1 Wibit session): 22,00 €.

"La Totale" package

Package "La Totale" INDIANA PARC (+ 135cm) : 39,00 €
Package "La Totale" KID (- of 135cm) : 30,00 €
Package "La Totale" P'TIT KID (- of 105cm) : 24,00 €

👉 Group request: Please contact us.


Natural mountain lake, located at an altitude of 900m, the lake of La Beunaz offers an authentic setting and is the ideal place to enjoy a adapted leisure area.

Several formulas are available:

  • Entrance to the beach and swimming

Entrance to the leisure area of La Beunaz beach gives access to the grassy beaches ⛱ ideal for picnics and lazing around ☀️👙, to the supervised swimming area 🏊 with a swimming pool fed by lake water, diving boards of different heights and a floating inflatable iceberg.

Changing rooms and sanitary facilities are provided for your convenience.

Come and enjoy our quality facilities, whose cleanliness is our pride, and where our team will welcome you with a smile in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

  • Pass’Beun or P’tit Beun

Enjoy a multitude of activities at La Beunaz Beach, with unlimited access with the Pass’Beun pass, which combines fun and relaxation, conviviality and sensation.

You can swim in the water of its natural lake, sail on a pedal boat, a canoe 🛶 or a paddle board 🏄, enjoy the many games offered 🏓 🏐 (petanque, ping-pong, trampoline, inflatable labyrinth, etc.), glide through the air with the Telebeune, the aquatic tyrolienne 💦

Pass’Beun: From 135 cm. It excludes the inflatable modules and the House to build reserved for the P’tit Beun.
Pass P’tit Beun: Reserved for children under 135cm tall. It does not include the Telebeun and Tubbing.

Unlimited access to activities and equipment with the Pass’Beun:
– Supervised swimming pool, fed by lake water
– Children’s games with paddling pool and waterfall.
– Diving boards
– Inflatable iceberg in the middle of the lake.
– Water zip line (Telebeune)              (only for the Pass’Beun, + of 135 cm)
– Tubbing (Toboggan with buoy)       (only for the Pass’Beun, + of 135 cm)
– Stand-Up Paddle, Canoe and Pedal boat.
– Volleyball / Petanque / Ping-pong / Badminton
– Trampolines
– Inflatable modules (only for the Pass P’tit Beun, – of 135 cm).
– House to build (only for the Pass P’tit Beun, – of 135 cm).

  • Wibit & “Plouf” package (Pass’Beun and Wibit) 💥 New 💥

The Wibit is an aquatic course of floating obstacles, made up of about twenty inflatable modules. On a surface of more than 1000 m², launch yourself on the trampolines, slides, climbing wall, beams and bridges, equipped with life jackets, for sessions lasting 1 hour. Best of all aquatic activities 💦, the Wibit is suitable for everyone, adults and children from 6 years old (+ 110 cm), provided you can swim 🏊🏻.

⭑ The “Plouf” / “P’tit Plouf” package offers you, depending on your age and size, unlimited access to the activities at the La Beunaz beach leisure centre with the Pass’Beun / Pass P’tit Beun, as well as a 1 hour Wibit session 💦

👉 Sessions start at full time, depending on the availability of the day.

  • « La Totale » package (Pass’Beun and Adventure Trail) 

“La Totale” package is the ideal formula for a day full of adventure!

It offers you, depending on your age and size, unlimited access to the activities of the leisure area of La Beunaz beach with the Pass’Beun, as well as an entry to the treetop adventure course of the Indiana Parc of La Beunaz 🤩

With the treetop adventure course of the Indiana Parc of La Beunaz, let your adventurer soul speak! Fans of heights, or addicted to the branch, evolve from tree to tree with our treetop adventure courses in the middle of nature 🌳
Several circuits of different levels (blue, red, black) are accessible, equipped with ladders, footbridges, zip lines and other original passages that will allow you to cross the wood by the tops.

 “La Totale” P’TIT KID package: It includes the Pass P’tit Beun and the “P’TIT KID” treetop adventure course , from 2 years old to about 4 years old and less than 105cm.
– “La Totale” KID package: It includes the P’tit Beun Pass and the “KID” treetop adventure course, for children from 105cm to 135cm, (corresponds approximately to 4 – 8 years old).
 “La Totale” INDIANA PARC package: It includes the Pass’Beun and the “Grand Parcours” treetop adventure course, from 135cm (corresponds to more than 8 years old).

(More information on the ‘activity’ page of the treetop adventure course)

👉 “La Totale” package gives access to the treetop adventure course for the day, during Indiana Parc of la Beunaz’s own opening hours.

👉 The entrance to the treetop adventure course of Indiana Parc of la Beunaz, included in the “La Totale” package, is valid only once during the day and any exit is final.

– For groups, a swim test will be performed by our lifeguard before any access to activities.
– No outside equipment will be accepted (inflatable mattresses, paddles, etc.)
– Accessible for strollers and wheelchairs.
– For most of the activities included in the Pass’Beun, it is essential to be able to swim 🏊🏻‍♂️
– Activities take place under the supervision of parents.
– Animals are not allowed on the site.

‼️ For the Telebeune (included in the Pass’Beun) and the treetop adventure course (included in “La Totale” package), children will be measured on site to determine the suitable course. Please bring a means of payment to complete the payment in case the category you have selected does not conform to your child’s height ‼️

For more details on the treetop adventure course included in “La Totale” package, please refer to the “activity” page dedicated to the treetop adventure course.

SCHEDULE :From 10am to 6pm


  • Up to 1500 people.
  • Capacity reduced to 750 people to comply with health regulations.

DURATION : unlimited for the day

MINIMUM AGE : Varies according to the formula or activities chosen

EQUIPMENT PROVIDED : only with the PASS’BEUN (on request and in exchange of a deposit) :

  • Children’s games
  • Petanque balls
  • Volleyball
  • Ping-pong rackets and ball
  • Badminton rackets and shuttlecock
  • Harnesses (for the telebeun)
  • Pedal boat, canoe, paddle


  • Swimsuit and beach towel

ANNULATION: For any cancellation of a reservation, please contact us by e-mail. Less than 48 hours before the day of the activity, no refund will be made, except for certified medical reasons.

⚠️ In case of bad weather or storm conditions, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel any reservation.

La Beunaz Beach, in St-Paul-en-Chablais

Locals’ favorite spot, La Beunaz beach offers an authentic and natural setting and a variety of activities accessible to all age groups, which will satisfy both the lovers of adventures and sensations and the siesta, picnic, and relaxation enthusiasts.

You will also find shelters or pontoons rental is possible for an additional comfort to enjoy the place.

  • OPENING : La Beunaz Beach is open every day in July and August 10am to 6pmt, on weekends and holidays in June.
    • La Plage de La Beunaz, 1000 route de la Plage, 74500 ST-PAUL-EN-CHABLAIS
    • The Beach is located at the place called LA BEUNAZ, between the communes of Saint-Paul-en-Chablais and Bernex.
    • From Evian-Les-Bains and Thonon-Les-Bains, follow the direction “Pays de Gavot” then “Bernex”.
    • Little tip : Follow the orange stars … 😉

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